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Nieuwe titels

Rody Luton. Time Encircled

Rody Luton, Mark Kremer [texts]


Rody Luton. Time Encircled

Rody Luton, Mark Kremer [texts]


Kunst / Landschap / Nieuwe titels / Fotografie



Graphic designer

Yvonne van Versendaal

Number of pages


Book size

20.5 x 26 cm




Release date: October 2021

For more information about the artist:

This monograph brings together Rody Luton’s artistic practice in its diversity: painting, photography, drawing and mixed media. Covering three decades, it invites a dialogue across time as well as mediums. Rody Luton.Time Encircled presents her oeuvre as a journey of exploration, as if wandering in a landscape, encountering both human-made and natural environments.

Rody Luton is a British/New Zealand visual artist, whose studio has been based in Amsterdam since the mid-1980s. Born in Somerset, England, she spent her youth in New Zealand, before returning to Europe, living and working in England, Netherlands, France and Italy. Trained in both visual art and anthropology, she takes inspiration from different cultures as well as the natural world, drawing among other things from her experiences as artist-in-residence in the United States, India, and Japan.

Nature is the vital inspiration. In Rody Luton’s own words (from the Preface): “I reach out to the natural world and engage with it. Drawing closer, textures catch my eye — the markings on the bark of a tree, the structure of scorched earth, the wavy lines in the sand created by the endless undulation of the sea.”

Rody Luton.Time Encircled contains 120 images of artworks together with writings, textual works, notebooks and citations, with an introductory text written by art curator Mark Kremer.

Mark Kremer in his ‘Opening Words’: “Rody Luton’s artworks activate you to take your surroundings in, taking us to places outside; it communicates a sense of surprise about how we connect with nature on an intuitive and instinctive level.”