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  • The Space of Technicity
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    The Space of Technicity

    Theorising Social, Technical and Environmental Entanglements

    Robert Gorny, Stavros Kousoulas, Dulmini Perera, Andrej Radman [ed.]


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    Architectuur / Bookazines / serie / Theorie / Verwacht

    ISBN 978-94-93329-14-0
    Price € 39.95
    Series editors Stavros Kousoulas, Andrej Radman, Heidi Sohn, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft
    Volume editors Robert A. Gorny, Stavros Kousoulas, Dulmini Perera, Andrej radman.
    Copy editor Heleen Schröder
    Layout editor Lena Galanopoulou 
    Cover image Marc Boumeester
    Number of pages 268
    Book size 16,8 x 24 cm
    Binding Softcover
    Printer Rob Meester
    Language English 
    Release date 1 juni 2024
    Publisher Jap Sam Books, TU Delft OPEN Publishing

    The Ecologies of Architecture Book Series is published by TU Delft OPEN Publishing and Jap Sam Books in collaboration with the Architecture Philosophy and Theory Group, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft.

    Desperate times demand optimistic transdisciplinary measures. This volume unites a select group of thinkers who courageously traverse disciplinary boundaries. What brings them together iWs the least stratified ‘component’: a shared problem. It is a widely recognised that a problem gets the solution it merits. However, only a few acknowledge that a problem seldom neatly fits within a single discipline, nor does it conform to the principle of general equivalence. Handling its irreducibility and non-entailment is a skill possessed by very few. Even fewer take the quasi-causal capacity of what we term the ‘space of technicity’ seriously.

    The space of technicity, the shared problem of this volume, is a consequence of immanence. Each configuration of surfaces comprising the built environment produces an intangible effect, acting as a quasi-cause. It can be referred to as downward causation or the timely rediscovery of (neo)finalism.

    In this volume it is approached it from the perspective of axiology. The space of technicity allows us to evade techno-determinism without adopting an anything-goes attitude. That which has become manifest could have individuated differently. However, the potential of a body cannot be discerned before intervening in the causal fabric of agential reality to extract the singular points that make certain outcomes more likely than others, surpassing mere probability.

    The Ecologies of Architecture Book Series promotes a transdisciplinary approach to architectural thinking and doing by extending its interest to topics that bring together the three ecological registers, namely the environment, the social and the individual. Such an approach accounts for what the built environment will come to be, and speculates about who will become alongside it. The series focuses not only on the why, what and how of architecture, but also on the who, who with and for whom.

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  • Try and Treasure. Babs Haenen
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    Try and Treasure. Babs Haenen

    An ArchivorumxM artist's book


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    Kunst / Artist books / Verwacht

    Price € 39,95
    Artist Babs Haenen
    Text Maarten Asscher
    Photography Luuk kramer
    Editing Eleonoor Jap Sam
    Design LevievanderMeer, Graphic & Exhibition Design
    Number of pages 96
    Book size 21.5 x 29.6 cm 
    Binding Hardcover
    Printing robstolk® amsterdam
    Binding van Hees - Patist Boekbinders
    Language English 
    Release date June 2024
    Publisher Jap Sam Books
    Partner Archivorum

    An ArchivorumxM artist's book, a publishing series conceived for Magic Megève

    Portrait photo: Roos de Bolster

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  • Ivory Black, Deep Orange Yellow. Carla Klein
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    This product is not yet available for order. Contact us to pre-order:

    Kunst / Artist books / Landschap / Verwacht

    ISBN 978-94-93329-15-7
    Price € 39.95
    Artist Carla Klein
    Texts Jannie Regnerus, Christophe Van Gerrewey, Gerrit Willems
    Editing & compilation Edwin van Gelder, Eleonoor Jap Sam, Carla Klein
    Translation Robert van de Walle
    Copy editing & proofreading Eleonoor Jap Sam, Carla Klein, Robert van de Walle
    Graphic design Mainstudio (Edwin van Gelder)
    Photography Peter Cox (KM21), David Johnson (CAM, St. Louis), Job Janssen (2015-2024), Hans Wilschut (2007-2014), Lance Brewer, David Johnson, Jean Vong (Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, 2009-2014/2018), Michel Claus (Annet Gelink Gallery, 2022)
    Image editing Carla Klein, Edwin van Gelder
    Number of pages 216
    Book size 20 x 26 cm
    Binding Stitched bounded with open spine, pvc dustjacket
    Language English | Nederlands
    Printer & binding ORO Grafisch Projectmanagement
    Lithography Alex Feenstra
    Release date 2 Juni 2024
    Publisher Jap Sam Books
    Made possible by Mondriaan Fund, Jaap Harten Fonds, CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam), Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, Annet Gelink Gallery, Familie de Bruin-Heijn

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  • I wish there was color, I wish there was sound
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    I wish there was color, I wish there was sound

    Visual conversations in and on Africa

    Andrea Stultiens [ed.]


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    Fotografie / Theorie / Verwacht

    ISBN 978-94-93329-17-1
    Price € 49.95
    Concept & editing Andrea Stultiens with Annika Felder
    Photographs Andrea Stultiens, Paul Julien, Elsadig Mohamed, Canon Griffin 
    Texts Doreen Baingana, Birgit Donker, Esther Aminata Kamara, Nico de Klerk, Kermurl Fofanah, Guinevere Ras, Andrea Stultiens 
    Final editing & proofreading Willem Groene wegen, Petra ter Veer/Terveertekst, Will Boase, Eleonoor Jap Sam
    Translation Willem Groenewegen, Petra ter Veer/Terveertekst, Amar Jamal
    Graphic design Kummer & Herrman
    Number of pages 304
    Book size 23.3 x 29.6 cm
    Binding softcover, Swiss binding & double spine
    Language English 
    Printer & binding NPN drukkers
    Lithography Marc Gijzen
    Reproduction & postproduction Andrea Stultiens, Marc Gijzen, Nederlands Fotomuseum: Marwan Almokdad, Eelco Loode, Cengiz Mengüç, Mathijs van Oosterhoudt
    Release date May 30, 2024
    Commissioned by Birgit Donker, Director of the Nederlands Fotomuseum
    Project management Bob Verbruggen
    Publisher Jap Sam Books
    Publisher partner Nederlands Fotomuseum, Publicatiereeks Nederlands Fotomuseum, Reeksnummer: 9

    This publication accompanies the exhibition I wish there was color / I wish there was sound in the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (31st of May 2024 - 15th of September 2024).

    Made possible by Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap, Gemeente Rotterdam, het Cultuurfonds, Wertheimer Stichting, stichting droom en daad, Vriendenloterij, Fonds 21, Nationale Nederlanden,  Mondriaan Fund, Fotomuseum Collectors Council.

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  • Landscape Logic
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    Landscape Logic



    Landscape Logic

    Steffen Nijhuis,


    This product is not yet available for order. Contact us to pre-order:

    Landschap / Theorie / Verwacht



    Graphic designer

    Thomas Soete

    Number of pages


    Book size

    13 x 18 cm




    Eleonoor Jap Sam


    Robert van de Walle

    Release date: Spring 2024



    Published by Jap Sam Books in cooperation with Delft University of Technology

  • MARC BIJL THE WORKS 1984-2084
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    MARC BIJL THE WORKS 1984-2084

    Marc Bijl


    This product is not yet available for order. Contact us to pre-order:

    Kunst / Artist books / Verwacht / Stedenbouw

    ISBN 978-94-92852-67-0
    Prijs € 30,00
    Tekst Lynden Hak, Tom Morton, Ellen Blumenstein and Birgit Laback
    Ontwerp Studio Remco van Bladel
    Drukker TBA
    Pagina aantal 176
    Boek formaat 19 x 29 cm
    Bindwijze Softcover
    Taal English 
    Verschijningsdatum Winter 2022/Spring 2023
    Uitgeverij Jap Sam Books
    Mede mogelijk gemaakt door het Mondriaan Fonds, Stiftung Neustart Kultur Bonn, Researchstipendium Senat Berlin.
    Met dank aan Gallery Upstream, Gallery Reinhard Hauff, en Gallery The Breeder.

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  • Polder Landscapes of the World
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    Polder Landscapes of the World

    Steffen Nijhuis, Bart Schultz, Michiel Pouderosjen (red.)


    This product is not yet available for order. Contact us to pre-order:

    Architectuur / Landschap / Theorie / Verwacht / Stedenbouw



    Grafisch ontwerp

    Thomas Soete

    Aantal pagina's



    24 x 30 cm




    Verschijningsdatum: voorjaar 2021

    Mede mogelijk gemaakt door TU Delft /Delft University of Technology/Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie

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