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Christie van der Haak
Sproken - Fairy Tales
This monograph not the work of Dutch artist Christie van der Haak, edited by Jane Hultman and Philip Peters, with a design by Studio Renate Boere, co-published by Stroom Den Haag, and supported by the City of The Hague, Mondriaan Fund, and Drukkerij Roelofs, received the following awards: Silver, European Design Award 2016, category artist books / Brons, International Design Award 2016, category best books


Walls that teach
On the Architecture of Youth Centres
This publication edited by Susanne Pietsch and Andreas Müller, with a design by David Bennewith (Colophon) and Sandra Kassenaar, and published with the support of Delft University of Technology received the following awards: Best Dutch Book Design 2015 / DAM Architectural Book Award 2015