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Francine Broos. Interior Architect

Eleonoor Jap Sam [text], Peter Kooijman [photography]


Francine Broos. Interior Architect

Eleonoor Jap Sam [text], Peter Kooijman [photography]


Architectuur / Vormgeving


978-90-5973-074-8 [episode]

Graphic designer

2D Studio

Number of pages


Book size

29,5 x 29,5



English / Dutch

“I see the interior design of a dwelling as tailor-made work. Each space, each environment, and each client is unique. I am not satisfied until I have laid the foundation for an environment that suits its occupants; a space that people can imbue with their own soul and identity.” – Interior architect Francine Broos

The time is right for this magnificently produced, large-format book on internationally revered Dutch interior architect Francine Broos. In an era when modernist interiors are often criticized for being cold or stark, Broos has found a personal style that astutely mixes natural wood, earthy stone and other warming elements with classic white surfaces and iconic mid-century furniture. Her environments invite the outside in, using windows and perfectly framed views to calm the hard surfaces and create a feeling of tranquility. Never monotonous or cathedral-like, these spaces – beautiful as they may be – are clearly for living. Photographer Peter Kooijman captures the warmth and elegance of Broos' designs in sections featuring living, working, live/work and bathing interiors. Whether Kooijman is shooting an entire room or a telling detail, he finds the poetry in Broos' work. The reader can see the inspiration of designers like Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Tadao Ando, Eileen Gray and Philippe Starck in these timeless spaces. This 176 page volume focuses on select projects by Broos since 1983, both in her native Netherlands and internationally.